"My Pretty Pony"®  ... aka "Sprite" was "created" in 2003!  Well,
long story short, HE was an INSTANT HIT!  

Sprite is not any ordinary pony. He has a calmness and
gentleness about him that makes everyone at ease. He is not
very big, only 39 inches tall at his shoulders or withers. This
makes him even more lovable and hug-able for even the
smallest children.

He is not aggressive,
he is happy walking down the sidewalk
in downtown Dallas during am rush hour (for the KISS FM -
Kidd Kraddick show!) and also
inside the homes of children
eating cheetos out of their hands!

He volunteers his time and ours working with disabled
children and adults.
He is more than a pony, he is an ambassador of sorts. By just
being his sweet self he does great deeds without evening
knowing it and puts smiles on faces where before there were
no smiles:)

Sprite has been with us since he was a baby. He came to us
from our beloved horse trainer Johnny Hendricks. Johnny had
a way with horses; he trained my personal horse Cowboy, and
proceeded to train many more of our ponies and horses.
Johnny passed away in 04 unexpectedly, shortly before the
holidays. He shared his wisdom, humor and his incredible way
with horses with us, and left his imprint on Sprite and all the
other equines he loved.

Because of this, we trust Sprite, completely.  He is our
youngest son's personal pony or best friend as Cam will tell
you. The picture above left is of Cam (our now 15 yr old) and
Tressa (our now 21 yr old) on our patio- in 04, they were
playing catch and Sprite decided he wanted to play too!

We invite you to come and meet him in person to see what all
the excitement is about! He is our most requested pony, for
obvious reasons!

"The Best in the WEST!!"
Serving Dallas, Ft. Worth and the surrounding areas.

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