• Q:  How do I decide how many ponies I will
    need for my party?
  • A:  Based on our experience we recommend
    the following:

  • Private Parties with 10 or less "participating"
    children = 1 Pony.
  • 1 pony = approx. 15 rides per hour.

  • Private Parties with 20 or less "participating"
    children = 2 Ponies.
  • 2 ponies = approx. 25-30 rides per hour.

  • Private Parties with 30 or less "participating"
    children = 3-4 Ponies.
  • 3 ponies = approx. 45 rides per hour.
  • 4 ponies = approx. 60 rides per hour.
  • (Rides per hour varies due to: photos being
    taken, length of ride, etc.)
At your home or private location
Unlimited pony rides.
Any theme!
3 or more ponies please contact us for

Includes one Staff Member per pony
hand washing station
All appropriate warning signs.
  • Q:  Is there a weight-size-age limit for the rides?

  • A:  Yes, for your safety, our safety and the pony's safety we
    have size limits of:
  • Small ponies, 39 inches tall = Up to 75 lbs.
  • Large ponies, 43-46 inches tall = Up to 95 lbs.

  • We use registered Shetland Ponies, they are between 38 and
    46 inches tall (at the withers - their shoulders.)

  • We do not use full size horses for our pony parties, when
    you book a "pony party" you get a PONY!
"The Best in the WEST!!"

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