Petting Zoo FAQ's

Q:  Why should we have a Petting Zoo Party?
Many children and adults, have never been on a farm. The
interaction between people and animals is magical.  Our miniature
farm animals are raised around children, they are cute, clean and
healthy,   We are USDA licensed as a Class C Exhibitor; this
means that our animals and farm are inspected regularly to insure
clean, safe, and healthy conditions for the animals.   

Q.  Do you keep the animals in cages?  We saw a zoo where
the animals were all in cages, we couldn't even pet
them...how is your zoo set up?
We do not keep our PETS in cages!  Our animals are free to
walk around, get a drink of water, eat some feed or hay, say
hello to the children etc
....you can even hold them-if you are

Q.  Can we feed them and hold them?
YES! We allow you to feed them and hold them if seated...we
bring the zoo food at big events and private parties too!  At
private parties we give the host or hostess a list of "zoo" snacks
that they can provide!  

Q.  What kind of farm animals do you bring and how many
do you bring?
Depending on which size and type of zoo you choose there will be
a nice variety of mini-farm animals to interact with.  You can
choose which ones you want or don't want when you submit your
contract to us.  Most zoo's are comprised of an assortment of the
following animals:  goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, petting pony,
piggy and rabbits.

Please note that due to weather, time of year or unforeseen
circumstances, that the animal list is subject to change
without prior notice.

Q.  Where do your animals come from?
All of the animals are our personal family pets with names!  They
live together on our family farm in Mabank, TX.

Q.  How much does it cost?
The cost varies depending on the size of the petting farm you
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